Reverse St Patrick’s Day Parade

Dear Neighbours,

We understand the challenges of social distancing and with the parade being cancelled we’ve decided to do something different – a Reverse St Patrick’s Day Parade!

We are inviting the children (and adults!) of Belarmine to decorate their front windows.

Let’s spread some St Patrick’s Day Cheer and give the children of our estate something to smile about by celebrating from the inside out.

This is our Belarmine Reverse St Patrick’s Day Parade.

To encourage the best display, we are offering a €30 Smyths voucher for the best window – details are below.

Let’s put a smile on the faces of our neighbours while they are out on their walks (observing social distancing of course).

We are very excited to see what you can do.

The winner will be picked and contacted on St Patrick’s Day after 6 pm.

Best of luck and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Kind regards
The Belarmine Residents Association

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