About Us

We represent the Residents of the Belarmine Estate in Stepaside, County Dublin, Ireland

The Belarmine Residents Association (RA) aims to advance a number of important projects and activities to enhance the area and make this a better place to live for all. Currently, the group is already active and comprised of twenty members who are working on a number of important initiatives.

The constitution of the Belarmine RA can be accessed here and minutes from the last AGM here.

Belarmine Residents Association has the following specific aims:

  • To work together to advance projects and promote activities for the benefit of all residents
  • To work closely with the estate Management Agents (Petra)
  • To develop a positive and progressive two-way communication between the residents and DLRCC
  • To be independent, non-political and act in the interest of the community overall
  • To be a forum for ideas, learning and information sharing

Belarmine Residents Association has a number of subcommittee groups focused on specific areas and the following are examples of some of the ideas, projects and activities we are trying to advance:

1. Administration & Management Group

  • Communications with management agents (Petra)
  • Budget review and appraisal
  • Code of conduct enforcement
  • Source and submit grant/funding applications
  • Forming links with neighbouring estates and residents’ groups
  • Communication with Local & National Representatives
  • Communication with DLRCC
  • Residence Association Establishment and Documentation – Constitution & Structures

2. Communications Group

  • Website development & update
  • Social media development and update
  • Printed media activities e.g. Panorama, Dundrum Gazette
  • Official communication on behalf of Group

3. Events & Activities Group

  • Clean up days
  • Organise Belarmine Events e.g.
    • Christmas Party
    • St Patricks Day parade participation
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Summer Barbecue
    • Halloween Party
    • Street Parties
    • Other events


  • Establish local activity groups e.g.
    • Jogging group
    • Walking Group
    • Cycling Group
    • Reading Group
    • Chess Group
    • Other activity groups

4. Landscaping, Environment & Maintenance Group

  • Landscaping and planting projects
  • Liaise with the estate landscapers for non-taken in charge areas
  • Liaise with DLRCC for taken in charge areas
  • Estate signage and road markings maintenance by DLRCC
  • Estate footpath and roads maintenance by DLRCC
  • Dog litter awareness and bins
  • Source and submit grant/funding applications
  • Sustainability and Biodiversity projects

5. Policing & Security Group

  • Community Alert scheme
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Community WhatsApp group
  • Representation with local community Garda
  • Representation on the Sandyford/Stepaside Local Policing Fora
  • Representation at the DLR Joint Policing Committee public meetings
  • Communicating security best practice to residents
  • Organise security awareness events
  • Monitor and report on anti-social behaviours

6. Planning & Infrastructure

  • Planning permission submissions/observations
  • Planning permission tracking – DLRCC weekly planning list
  • Lobbying for infrastructure improvements – Greenways, Roads, Bus, Luas etc.
  • LAP, LDP, CDP review and advise on and make submissions/observations
  • Major projects in the areas – submissions/observations
  • Electric vehicle points project
  • Bike rental schemes project and other cycling enhancement projects
  • Car rental schemes project
  • Source and submit grant/funding applications

We need your help and would be grateful for your ideas and in particular some of your time to assist the group. If you can assist or would like to put forward some ideas please email us at info@belarminera.ie.

Thank You and Regards

Belarmine Residents Association.

Video of Belarmine and Surrounds

Courtesy of pitek fimi x8