Results of the ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Competition

Congratulations to all the winners of the ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Competition.

Click on the thumbnails below to open the images full screen.

The best 6 entries are below. (All have been contacted with their prizes!!)

Belarmine Close – Entered by Sorcha McCoy

The spookiest – best arrangement of decorations, well-thought-out and spread out for the story they want to display.

Belarmine Vale – Entered by Kate and Jack Flynn

Basic but well thought out. We loved the carved aubergines, we thought it was very original and really funny!

Belarmine Court – Entered by Karen, Keelin and Khloe Malley

Best effort + most imaginative. We liked the decorations made with rubbish begs (the giant spider and the ghosts), there carved pumpkins of different sizes and colours, and they spread dry leaves in front of the house for atmosphere.

Belarmine View – Entered by Monica Ivani

Best effort (it takes a lot to stretch fake cobweb from porch to car and around the car) and Best story/concept. Great idea/story and commitment to the story told (there are only the details necessary to tell the story, not cluttered with others, and they can’t move the car till Halloween is over!).

Belarmine Drive – Entered by Jessica Ganas

Best story and originality for the imagery evoked told through handmade decorations – cut out paper silhouettes. The best story as it goes back to the roots of Halloween imagery with the witches steering the cauldron.

Belarmine Walk – Entered by Debbie Dyas

Best special effects! It’s a spider web scene with a skeleton in the car. There are smoke machines, changing coloured lights and creepy music.

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