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Belarmine Neighbourhood Watch

Welcome to the Belarmine Neighbourhood Watch (BNW) group. Neighbourhood Watch (NW) members are required to join the Whatsapp Group.

Joining the group

For Belarmine residents that would like to join the group or know of any such residents that would like to join, please complete the survey

Whatsapp Group details

In order to ensure that only key information is sent out via this forum to all of the members of the BNW Group, only the Group Administrators are permitted to post messages. Messages will be related to items such as:

  • Community Alert messages received from the Gardaí
  • Relevant suspicious activity which is brought to our attention by residents

Members are encouraged to report any crime or suspicious to the Gardaí in Stepaside (01-6665700) or Dundrum (01-6665600). After contacting the Gardaí you may wish to email the Group Administrators at for them to notify the Whatsapp Group members.

Members of the public are never to put themselves in any danger. It is the job of the Gardaí to investigate crime and arrest criminals, etc. Please remember that we are not a police force or a vigilante group.

When we get more of our neighbours to sign up to the BNW scheme, we will be looking to appoint Street Coordinators for each of the Belarmine areas. However, in the meantime, if you wish to flag any issues or would like to contact the Administrators of the group, please email and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Finally, we would like to thank those of you who have joined the BNW scheme, and we look forward to meeting up as a group, with the Gardaí in the coming months, when it is safe to do so.

What is Neighbourhood Watch?  

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention and community safety programme for urban areas. It operates as a partnership between An Garda Síochána and the public and works on the basis that every member of a community can help to improve the quality of life in the area, by keeping a look out for neighbours and reporting suspicious activities to the Gardaí. 

What are some of the aims of Neighbourhood Watch? 

  • To improve community safety
  • To prevent crime
  • To develop Garda and community links
  • To increase public confidence in An Garda Síochána
  • To foster a caring environment for older and vulnerable people
  • To reduce anti-social behaviour, including graffiti and harassment

What are the different roles in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme? 

  • The Area Coordinator
  • The Street Coordinator (to be defined at a later stage)
  • The Neighbourhood Watch Member
  • Young People

It is important to involve young people in Neighbourhood Watch. To this end, there are successful crime prevention and community safety initiatives aimed at Transition Year students. A number of Neighbourhood Watch schemes have involved young people in sport and environmental improvement activities.


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