Belarmine Swap Shop

Belarmine Swap Shop Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions in effect as of 1st March 2024.


The main aim of this group is to provide a place for members in the Local Area to give away or swap any unwanted items to help do our part for the environment. The local area comprises Aikens Village, Belmont, Sandyford Hall, Stepaside, and areas within a 15-minute walk from Belarmine Plaza.

A key facet of this group is our consideration for the environment, and supporting a green agenda. All new members must reside within this area to avoid additional transport emissions and encourage members to share more to decrease the number of items going to landfills.

This is not a buy-and-sell group. All items must be FREE.


  1. It is at the giver’s discretion regarding who receives an item.
  2. Items must be collected within 24 hours of reservation unless otherwise agreed with the giver.
  3. Only collect the item(s) you reserved when collecting items.
  4. DM any of the Group Admins to report any time wasters.

How to Post

  1. Giving items away.
    • Post a clear picture and description of the item to the WhatsApp group.
    • Call out any and all defects so that requesters know what they will be getting.
    • Use pictures to help clearly describe the condition of the item.
  2. Searching for an item.
    • Precede the request with “ISO” to indicate that you are “In Search Of” a particular item.
    • Include a brief description or example image of the item you’re requesting.
  3. If you live outside Belarmine, include your location when giving away or looking to reserve an item.
  4. Once an item has been taken, delete your posts to ensure people are clear that the item is no longer available.

Misuse of the Group

Consistently Taking Items
Swapping implies not only taking items but giving items away as well, all in the name of the circular economy and the recycling of goods. Members who are seen to consistently take items without ever giving away items themselves will be flagged by the Group Admins and potentially be removed from the group. This is up to the discretion of the admins.

Selling Items
Group members benefitting from other members’ generosity by selling items after receiving them from the group will not be tolerated. This behaviour directly violates the free-cycle mindset and goes against the ethos of the group. The Group Admins reserve the right to remove members from the group if they are suspected of selling received items.

Explicit or Inappropriate Posts
Explicit or inappropriate posts are unacceptable. The Group Admins reserve the right to remove members from the group if they deem any posts or behaviour to be inappropriate or that may violate any of the rules and guidelines shared in this document.

Remember to be kind. This group is about community and fun. Being kind and generous to each other is at our core.

Use of other Local Groups

Posts for Dunnes Stores or Tesco shopping vouchers should be shared in the “My Local Dunnes Tesco Voucher” group The Group Admins will remove requests for vouchers in this group.

Check out the “Baby to Teen local swap” group for sharing and swapping items explicitly related to children at

Feedback & Complaints

If you wish to make any complaints, share feedback or suggestions about the group, report no-shows, or report any inappropriate or negative behaviour in the group, DM any of the Group Admins so that action can be taken where necessary. All feedback is welcomed to help ensure the group remains a valuable resource for our local community.

How to join

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